Frankie - Frankly Keto Cakes
Hi I'm Frankie!  
Welcome to Frankie’s Carb Crushing Bakes
Frankie’s Carb Crushing Bakes started because I needed to shift the baby weight that I had gained whilst pregnant with my second beautiful daughter.
I started following a KETO Low Carb Diet. I missed my 'naughty' treats terribly but there was a huge struggle to find anything 'KETO', Low Carb, Maltitol Free and Free from Added Sugars.
I knew I had to create my own treats that not only did I know exactly what is in them, looked naughty, tasted great, filled me up and didn't give me the guilty feeling afterwards of what have I done!!
That is when I began baking my own 'KETO treats'. Friends and family tried them and loved how they replicated the 'real deal' so I had to make more to share on and that is when Frankie’s Carb Crushing Bakes was born.  
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.